Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank


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6 hours: $325.00
Over 6 hours: +10% for an extra hour
Overnight: $422.50 until 11:30am next day
Weekend: $487.50 Friday drop off Sunday after 4pm pickup

Setup Area: 6x6

Actual Size: 5x5

Monitors: 1

Dunk Tank

Check out our Shark-themed dunk tank. How good is your aim? Make a throw and hit the target. If you do the tank will have more than a little water in it.... someone's getting wet. This tank is approximately 500 gallons. It takes 30-45 minutes to fill depending on pressure. The water source and hose need to be provided by the renter. The hose must be long enough to reach the tank at its final placement. The tank can not be moved once the filling begins. This is hours of fun for your large event (school carnival, church event, family reunion, and many more). The Dunk tank has a bladder and drains all at once. 

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